Time You Can Touch.

Think back to the past – who was a person you knew personally and touched during your life who was born the furthest back in time. For this exercise, assume the people you know have the genetic disposition and will be fortunate to live a long and happy lives of 85, 90, 95 or even 100 years of age. If you were born in 1956, your lifetime under this exercise could reach to the years 2041-2056.

Let’s say the furthest you can go back in time with was your great grandfather, who was born in 1877. You knew and hugged him in his rocking chair when you visited him as a child and he passed when you were six years old in 1962. He goes the furthest back in time that you touched.

Now think forward into the future. Your children. Your current or future grandchildren. Your current or future great grandchildren.

If one of your children was born in 1995. Their lifetime can reach to 2080-2095. If they have a child when they are 30 years old in 2025 and you at 69 years old lovingly take a selfie while holding and touching that child shortly after they are born. Your grandchild’s life could reach to 2110-2125.

If that grandchild has a child when they are 30 years old in 2055, and you, now at 99 years old sit in your rocking chair and lovingly hold and touch that child shortly after they are born. Your great-grandchild’s life can reach to 2140-2155.

So those are the years you touched during your lifetime across the generations from the furthest back born in 1877 to the furthest in the future, yet to be born in 2055 who will live a long and happy life until 2155.

278 years. That’s the “Time you can touch”.